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Paris CEO discusses innovation in textile services, including HLAC laundry services

Dave Stern
President & CEO
Paris Companies

What is the Paris perspective on technology in your industry?

We feel strongly that being innovative is one of the key attributes of industry leadership, and our goal is to always be at the forefront of those new developments that add value for our customers. But innovation is much more than technology. Technology is a tool; it is a means, not an end. When we incorporate a new technology, it’s in the context of a sound plan to make Paris more innovative and a more valued service partner. When we say that we want to establish long-term relationships with our customers, this necessarily involves technology and innovation, because you have to keep adding value.

Paris VP discusses investing in medical linen service and healthcare laundry service

Randy Rosetti
Vice President & COO
Healthcare Linen Services

What’s the most important investment you’ve made in technology recently?

We have invested tens of millions of dollars in greenfield development and the latest equipment in the recent years. We do it out of necessity to keep our costs down and to raise our service levels. But I’d have to say that the most important investment we make regularly is in our people. This is a service business, and ultimately what we’re selling are expectations and promises. New technology helps us keep the customer’s expectations high, but it’s the Paris culture and people that enable us to consistently deliver on our promises.

Paris VP discusses saving on uniform rental, industrial mats and laundry services through technology

Rich Hopson
Vice President & COO
Uniform Services

What’s the practical benefit of technology to your customers?

That question takes me right to the customer’s bottom line. New technology is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver significant savings year after year. We measure and track more parameters than NASA. So when we make a promise, we know what we’re doing. For existing customers our service gets better and better at prices that reflect superior value. For new customers, we’ll show you where the savings are and then deliver on our promise.

Paris Chief Engineer discusses sustainable practices in medical linen services, linen rental and industrial laundering businesses

Tom Walsh
Director, Engineering
Paris Companies

What’s Paris’s take on technology and environmental stewardship?

We long ago accepted our responsibility to preserve and give back. We have been in our central Pennsylvania headquarters location for nearly a century, and as we’ve expanded to other locations in our growing service area, this resolve has gone with us. We embrace energy-saving and resource-preserving technologies as essential to being an exemplary corporate citizen. But we also invest in them because we want to be the type of company our customers are proud to be associated with.

Paris Service Director discusses the importance of account service in commercial laundry and uniform services

Kelly Boyles
Director of Service
Uniform Services

What do your customers say is the most important technology to them?

It's surprising how high-tech something as commonplace as doing laundry is. Our customers really like our garment accountability systems and how we can track the whereabouts and life of a garment from the time it is issued until it gets replaced. And this information is available to every customer. It's funny though, when everything is working right, all the high-tech stuff is invisible: The garments are delivered on time and in the right quantity; invoices are clear and accurate. But what customers appreciate most is knowing absolutely that they can reach their account representative anytime with a simple phone call. And Paris has more field support personnel than any similarly-sized textile service company.


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